Gonstead Technique

When using the Gonstead Chiropractic Technique, five criteria are used to detect the presence of vertebral subluxation.

1: Visualization – Chiropractors are experts at looking at subtle changes in posture and movement that could indicate any spinal problems.

 2: Instrumentation – The stereoscope is an instrument used to detect uneven distributions of heat along the spine. These uneven areas of heat can be an indication of inflammation and nerve pressure.

3: Static Palpation – Static palpation is performed when the spine is in a stationary position. A process where the chiropractor feels the patient’s spine for the presence of any abnormal texture or tightness in the muscles or various tissues in the back.

4 – Motion Palpation – Motion Palpation is an examination of the spine while it is in movement. This allows the chiropractor to assess how easily the spine moves in various directions.

5 – X-Ray Analysis – X-Rays provide your chiropractor with a visual image of your entire spine structure. These full-spine radiographs are helpful in evaluating posture, vertebral misalignments, joint and disc integrity, and other important information.

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